About DTU Learn for Life

DTU Learn for Life handles a number of core tasks, which are solved in close collaboration with departments, DTU's central administration and strategic partners. 

The center will provide knowledge, advice and support in the field of continuing education and lifelong learning in the following ways:

  • To DTU's customers in the business community, authorities and organizations, including advice and guidance for professional development, sparring, networking and management development
  • To DTU's departments within eg. marketing, pricing, contracts and legal basis
  • Recording and enrollment, billing, customer service, etc. sales and marketing
  • Business and concept development
  • Positioning of DTU in the market and the outside world in lifelong learning

The collaboration can vary from department to institute depending on the type of continuing education and the departments' own experiences and competencies. As the center opens from April 1, 2019, there will be a gradual expansion of the centre's capacity from 2019 onwards. The center is located at Lyngby campus in building 421 and is established as a merger between DTU Business, the Center for Continuing Education and the section for continuing education in the Department of Education and Students.