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Through DTU Learn for Life, companies and organizations can gain access to knowledge and competence-giving processes that ensure that corporate employees can work innovatively and at the same time focus on getting new ideas translated into business results.

DTU has, through its many scientifically founded activities, a unique position to be able to collaborate with companies and increase competence of employees at all levels and within most specialties.

Businesses and organizations can get a specially designed course that focuses on how everyone gets the needed skills to meet the challenges of the future. You can choose to engage in shorter or longer continuing education courses – we will plan the structure together.

Choose an insourced innovation partner - choose DTU Learn for Life

DTU LFL is the only place for continuing education in Denmark with a solid foundation in technological innovation, and we advise and help companies to succeed in their innovation processes. At our continuing education programmes and courses, our participants become familiar with the solutions of the future in both theory and practice. And they are tailored to the challenges of their business, enabling your employees to drive your innovation processes. In short, we are the corporate innovation factory.

Digitization, sustainability and technology for people

DTU is at the forefront of the sustainability wave that has flowed across the business world these years. Our researchers are among the best in the world within the field of measuring sustainability, and we advise on how management turns requirements into actions that support business.

Therefore, we see it as our mission to support the global community in achieving world-class results in Digitization, Sustainability and Technology for people.


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