For companies

DTU's continuing education ensures that companies' focus are on employee development, updated technology know-how and modern management.

The many different new demands from the outside world are constantly putting companies and organizations under pressure. For most people, everyday life is characterized by a constant focus on developing and maintaining the core business as the demand for growth is at the top of the agenda.

It puts pressure on the companies and the need for innovative thinking and trading staff is big. With new innovative initiatives comes new routines and a need to lead the organization in a new direction.

Get ready to deal with change

This puts new demands on how employees are equipped to handle changes, such as new workflows and new mindsets.

The most effective and sustainable approach is to invest in managers and employees so that they can do their best and contribute to the new direction in which the company is headed. How it fits into the strategy and the company's utilization of modern technologies.

Choose DTU as your permanent partner in continuing education

At DTU, companies and organizations can gain access to knowledge and competence-giving processes that ensure that corporate employees can work innovatively and at the same time focus on translating the new ideas into business results. DTU has, through its many scientifically founded activities, a unique position to be able to collaborate with companies and increase competence of employees at all levels and within most specialties.

At DTU, companies and organizations can receive specific designed training courses that focus on how you and your business are geared to handle the challenges of the future. Choose between short or longer continuing education courses. We offer training courses, designed for specific problems, and where the company can be sure that the scientific level is on a high level.